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About us
The firm is distinguished by the high quality of its multidisciplinary team, responsible for providing services in consulting and litigation spheres in different areas of law.

Over time, the office became a reference in the Public and Corporate Law, with experience in the care of domestic and foreign companies, and leading in infrastructure, ranging from the establishment of hiring models to the effective monitoring of the implementation of contracts with the government.

The office infrastructure area comprises the engineering and construction sectors, public transport, ports, airports, sanitation, health and energy.

In other segments of public law, the office has qualified staff to work in environmental, urban and administrative matters, both federal, state and municipal governments.

The office also works permanently in the Courts of Auditors and other oversight bodies, especially before the Public Ministry of the Union and State, besides the Comptroller of state entities. Because of this, advises designed to identify and adopt skilled and sufficient measures to give the project the necessary conformation to the requirements introduced by changes in legislation and under the action of control bodies.

Under the Private Law, the office operates on Contracts, Family and Probate, Civil Responsibility, among others. In this area, provides services to companies, shareholders, officers and their families, valuing the personalized service and real understanding of the needs of each client.

Dedicated also to real estate law, providing its clients full support in matters relating to the approval and regulation of projects and enterprises of various species.

Lawyers with solid training and proven experience, the whole team has multidisciplinary skills to offer quick solutions, always guided by professional ethics. Concern for the improvement of employees encourages the development of young talent, ensuring the excellence of their work. In addition, a highly trained management team provides support and integration to the São Paulo office and its correspondents.

The office has international presence through partnerships, especially in the state of Florida (USA), which has participated successfully in the development and implementation of projects related to real estate and legal advice to foreign companies interested in investing in Brazil.

Edgard Leite Advogados Associados is fundamental dispense care based on technical knowledge, best practices of the market, the proper strategy and in full alignment with the customer. All this through a team of experienced lawyers, responsive, dedicated and creative.

Contact information:
Tel: +55 11 3071-1000
Fax: +55 11 3071-2125